Call for Application: Interpretation Service for Ghana MTP sessions

Terms of Reference for Consultant/Service Provider: Interpreters for Ghana MTP sessions

In the consolidation of their sector organization efforts, the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) and GIZ/ComCashew project want to consolidate the achievements, upgrade, and reinforce the capacity of local actors, and transfer knowledge to partners and target groups. In this context, GIZ/ComCashew, with support from ACA, introduced the “Master Training Program” (MTP). Several editions have been held already in which hundreds of experts have been trained between 2014 and 2020. Editions 10, and 12 of the training started in 2021 starting with Session 2 edition 10 from the 17th of April 2021. To fulfil the multi-language and multi-country requirements of the training, the ComCashew project through its MTP partner, the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) is hiring the services of qualified Interpreters to provide French-English-French interpretation services for all training sessions 5 of editions 10, and 12. In total 5 separate training sessions will be held on different dates in Accra, Ghana.

The aims of the MTP are: 

  • Create a pool of qualified experts on the cashew value chain in West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana, also reaching out to other West-African countries - e.g.  Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Mali); and
  • Reach out to East African Countries.
  • Facilitate the regional exchange of knowledge, learning and innovation.

Consultancy description and tasks

Session 5, edition 10 and 12

2021 Modules/Sessions Place
19th to 23rd April Edition 10 Session 2 Sunyani/Ghana
17th to 21st May Edition 10 Session 3 Sunyani/Ghana
26th to 30th April Edition 12 Session 1 Sunyani/Ghana
24th to 28th May Edition 12 Session 1 Sunyani/Ghana
21st to 25th June Edition 12 Session 3 Sunyani/Ghana

The tasks are described as follow:

To provide a total of 3 professional Interpreters for French to English and English to French interpretations for all 5 days of each training session and be physically present at the stated places/ locations.

Edition 10

  • To provide simultaneous interpretation for 100 participants per training session.
  • To provide equipment such as 1 booth (ISO Standard), 35 Bluetooth headsets, 4 wireless microphones, 35 table microphones, 2 radiators and a complete sound system.
  • Interpretation will be done physically and online (some participants will be joining online from 4 different countries).
  • Provide 2 technicians per session to delivery technical support for the interpretation and equipment management.

Edition 12:

  • To provide simultaneous interpretation equipment for 100 participants per training session. Equipment shall include 1 booth (ISO Standard), 100 Bluetooth headsets, 4 wireless microphones, 100 table microphones, 2 radiators and a complete sound system.
  • This edition will be physical with all participants. The possibility of online participation is not excluded.
  • Provide 2 technicians/session to provide technical support for the interpretation equipment management.


Transportation of the Interpreters and the equipment to and from the training venue will be covered by directly the ACA. Therefore, include in your quote, a separate amount for this cost per session.

How to Apply

All interested parties should send in their applications for this service in the form of an official letter (via email) or email with the following attachments.

  1. Company profile including a list of recently completed interpretation contracts or events.
  2. Official quote/ pro-forma for the services detailing charges for the interpreters, the equipment and transportation costs, if any.

All applications must be sent to the African Cashew Alliance at;


The deadline for submission of all applications is 12th March 2020.