About Cashew

Cashew is the world’s favorite nut.

Every year, the world eats more than 600,000 metric tons of cashew. And fortunately, it’s a very healthy food! If you're interested in learning about the multitude of health benefits to be derived from eating cashew, check out this page

However, in order to obtain the cashews that we eat, the nuts must undergo a long, labor-intensive series of steps. Every single cashew nut comes from its own cashew apple, which are grown on cashew trees and thrive in tropical climates. The nuts are then collected, dried, shelled, peeled, graded, and roasted. Below, you can see an example of modern cashew processing at Mim Cashew, a factory in Ghana:


57% of the world’s cashews come from sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2006, the African Cashew Alliance, an industry association of African and international businesses, has been working to strengthen the cashew sector in Africa – you can read more about our work here.

For those of you who work on any segment of the cashew value or supply chain: join the African Cashew Alliance! You can read about the benefits of being an ACA member here.

Or, if you simply enjoy cashews, why not try some of these delicious cashew recipes?