Nouvelles de l'industrie

The latest news from the African cashew industry.

28 juil, 2015

Seulement 4 jours restants pour bénéficier du tarif réduit pour les inscriptions précoces! Veuillez donc prendre part  au plus grand événement mondial sur l'industrie du cajou.

 Inscrivez-vous pour la Conférence Mondiale sur le cajou, de l’Alliance pour le Cajou Africain (ACA) et rencontrez plus de 350 intervenants dans l'industrie du cajou à Maputo, au Mozambique du 21...

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15 juil, 2015

Cashew nut processors in Tanzania have asked the goverment to increase economic support to the processing industry by addressing critical challenges. During a stakeholders meeting in Tanzania, the Processing Manager of the Cashewnut Board of Tanzania, Mr. Simuli Yahaya, spoke of issues such as lack of processing equipment, driers, and shelling and packaging machines. Tanzania is the third...

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13 juil, 2015

"Ghana’s annual revenue from exporting raw cashew nuts is estimated at 56 million dollars, Mr Joseph Yeung, Managing Director of the Mim Cashew Processing Company, has revealed." To read more please visit The Ghanaweb site.

26 juin, 2015

La préinscription a été prorogée jusqu’au 31 juillet 2015 ! Veuillez vous inscrire ici pour participer au Festival et à l’Exposition mondiaux 2015 de l’Alliance Africaine du cajou (ACA)  Après cette date, les frais habituels de la Conférence et de l’...

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24 juin, 2015

Message de la  Présidente de l'ACA :

Messieurs, Mesdames,

Nous vous remercions de votre intérêt et de soutien continus à l'Alliance africaine du cajou. En tant que partie prenante active dans l'industrie africaine du cajou, nous souhaiterions vous informer que M. Roger Brou est arrivé au terme de sa fonction en qualité de Directeur général de l'ACA...

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23 juin, 2015

“To the Ivoirian economy, the cashew boom presents an unexpected but welcome opportunity to diversify agricultural exports beyond cocoa beans and rubber. It will also help develop the country’s agro-industry. However, to realise its full potential, Côte d’Ivoire has to process and add value to its raw cashews. While the country…” read...

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8 juin, 2015

"The price of raw cashew nuts [in Ghana] has soared to an all time high of 4 GHS/kg on the local market after seeing a quantum leap in price in less than 18 months, putting a smile on the faces of farmers who are grappling to meet demand [...] The steep spike in price of the commodity has been attributed to high demand for the product, with supply unable to keep pace." To read more,...

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1 juin, 2015

"A 'one-stop-shop' to facilitate bureaucratic procedures for cashew exports started operating in Guinea-Bissau on Monday, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Crafts.

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29 mai, 2015
"B&FT has gathered that a kilogramme of raw cashew nut, which sold on the market for GHS 1.5 in 2013 is now trading for GHS 4, representing an increase of 166 percent. The steep spike in price of the commodity has been attributed to high demand for the product, with supply unable to keep pace." To read more, please vist the B&FT ... lire la suite
15 mai, 2015

"Patrols of ants on cashew nut trees can roughly double the yield of the crop, according to researchers in Benin. The researchers say that African weaver ants (Oecophylla longinoda) are an effective natural way to reduce considerable losses of cashew nuts from insect pests, such as fruit flies, and improve cashew quality, on farms in many African countries." To read more, please visit...

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