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The latest news from the African cashew industry.

19 sep, 2014

Chers amis et collègues du cajou,

C'est avec une profonde tristesse que nous vous annonçons le décès de notre ancien président de l’ACA, M. Idrissa Kilangi. M. Kilangi décédé le 12 septembre 2014 en Tanzanie suit a des problèmes de sante. Son enterrement a eu lieu dans sa ville natale de Iringa sur les hauts plateaux du sud de la Tanzanie.

M. Kilangi a d'abord été élu premier...

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15 sep, 2014

L’Alliance Africaine pour le Cajou regrette d'annoncer que le Festival Mondial du Cajou & Expo a été annulé en raison du virus Ebola en l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

Étant donné l'interdiction récente de conférences internationales au Ghana, et reconnaissant l'importance de soutenir la prévention de la propagation du virus Ebola, L'ACA est triste d'annoncer l'annulation de l'édition de la...

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8 sep, 2014

A joint program was recently launched in Tanzania by the Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH) and the Mkinga District Council with the intent of reviving the cashew industry.  The program, targeting female farmers, provides both training and technological equipment to small-scale female producers in order to improve productivity.  To read more, please visit the allAfrica...

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1 aoû, 2014

The National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) says it is targeting the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development to develop the country's cashew value chain and improve crop yields.  The NCAN National President, Tola Faseru, said the association was already in advanced discussions with the USAID to provide evidence-based advocacy to facilitate access to technical...

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25 juil, 2014

Guinea-Bissau's cashew exports have sky-rocketed this season, up to 40% higher than this period last year.  This jump is largely attributed to the government's commitment to prioritizing the cashew industry.  To read more, please visit the Reuters site here.

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18 juil, 2014

The Managing Director of Ghanaian-based Kona Agro Processing Company, Raymond Taylor, expressed his desire for greater governmental support and increased institutional measures to stimulate the cashew sector.  To read more, please visit the GBC Ghana site here.

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11 juil, 2014

The large majority of Tanzanian-grown raw cashew nuts are exported abroad, most commonly to India, while a mere estimated 10% of the raw crop is processed domestically.  Therefore, to stimulate internal national growth of the sector, the Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT), in partnership with cashew stakeholders across the value chain, have made plans to create three new processing...

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4 juil, 2014

After a record rise in cashew kernel exports last year, exports of the commodity have seen a decline in the first two months of this financial year, owing to a shortage of raw cashew nuts. A decline in production in India and African countries led to the shortage.

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27 juin, 2014

According to traders, the recent heavy demand for cashew kernels across the world will likely re-stabilize and firm up the market.  Cashew usage in the major importing countries has been rising steadily, most likely due to the recent stability in prices.  The drought in California has also caused the supply of almonds to drop dramatically, thereby driving up demand for other nuts....

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20 mai, 2014

On the 16th of May, 2014 The Vietnamese Cashew Association (VINACAS) signed an MOU with the General Council of Cotton and Cashew of Cote d'Ivoire (CCA).  The MOU focuses on information exchange, securing commercial transactions, and support for representation of each body in the respective countries.  The MOU was signed during the 3-day "Golden Cashew Rendezvous", which was hosted by...

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