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The latest news from the African cashew industry.

18 fév, 2015

The European Union has committed to supplying 1.5 million euros to projects based in Guinea-Bissau that improve the livelihoods of small-scale cashew farmers.  Approximately half of this amount is dedicated entirely to producers who seek to strengthen the quality and quantity of their production.

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13 jan, 2015

Le 4ème Appel commence le 7 janvier et termine le 24 janvier 2015.

1. Le Fonds de Contrepartie de Cajou

L'adoption de bonnes pratiques agricoles assure une meilleure qualité de noix de cajou brutes, tandis que des liens stables et fiables entre les agriculteurs, les transformateurs et les acheteurs est extrêmement essentiel pour la compétitivité de noix de cajou d'...

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12 déc, 2014

The National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) has officially solicited assistance from the federal government to subsidize the procurement of jute bags for cashew packaging. The packing materials which are currently used most widely, polypropelene bags, negatively affect the quality of the cashew nuts.  To read more, please visit the allAfrica site...

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21 nov, 2014

According to the General Director of the Mozambican National Cashew Institute (Incaju), Filomena Maiopue, the cashew crop in Mozambique is expected to surpass last year's harvest by nearly 17,000 MT, reaching 80,000 MT.  Please visit the Plaza Fresh site to read more.

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7 nov, 2014

Towards reducing post-harvest losses and wastages in the cashew industry, the Kogi State Government has started upgrading warehouses in the...

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30 oct, 2014

In Cote d'Ivoire, cashew trees were initially planted in the northern region of the country as a mechanism to prevent soil erosion and deforestation. However, now that it has become one of the largest cashew-producing countries in the world and the economy is boosted from the sale of the raw nuts, the country may be well on its way to dominating the world's cashew industry. To read more,...

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24 oct, 2014

The Department of Agriculture in the Mkuranga District of Tanzania have been charged with investigating the fungus disease that appears to be plaguing the cashew trees of the Magawa village. This disease appeared for the first time in the village in 2000, but seems to have re-emerged in full force.  To read more, please visit the allAfrica site...

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17 oct, 2014

As of October 2014, Cote d'Ivoire has produced approximately 550,000 metric tons of raw cashew, a record for Africa's highest-producing nation.  Experts project the production to double within the next five years, thereby easily overtaking India as the world's largest cashew producer. To read more, please visit the China Post site...

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10 oct, 2014

As part of the new Nigerian cashew export strategy, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), along with the National Cashew Association of Nigeria and USAID, launched an initiative on Wednesday to scale-up cashew production within the country by over 150%, creating approximately 344,000 new jobs and over $75 million in new income.  The African Cashew Alliance has been a key partner...

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29 sep, 2014

The government of Guinea-Bissau, in partnership with the Guinean Foundation for Enterprise and Industrial Development (Fundei), created a fund to finance projects related to the processing of cashew nuts.  This fund, starting at 1.5 million euros, seeks to dissuade the export of RCN to India and to promote domestic processing and value-addition.  To read more, please visit the Macau...

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